Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Claiming Your Prizes

Hello Everyone,

I hope ya'll are having a great day so far!!  Unfortunately, there were a few winners who didn't claim their prize within the time frame which was given, so new winners were chosen (lucky folks!)!

The final & Real Winners are:

-Amanda Pfeifer
-Cheryl Keeney
-Jennifer Hightower
-Breanne Kaiser
-Amanda Farrell
-Cara Berbien
-Emily Graeper
-Amanda Scott
-Paola Tellez
-Sarah Curley
-Dana Hancock
-Sara Parker
-Nakia Razey
-Robyn Danielle

All Prizes have been spoken for and contacted!  Thank you so much for playing!  I really appreciate it.

On a side note: I will not support fake Facebook accounts being used to play in any giveaway that I am hosting or sponsoring.  This just means that in order to win any prize from a giveaway I am hosting or donating to another vendor, you must be following the Facebook rules and not using multiple accounts just for scamming companies.  I will not support that kind of behavior, PERIOD!  My sponsors time and efforts are highly valued, as well as my own, so don't even try it here at O. Rae Designs.  

I appreciate loyal fans for O. Rae Designs as well as those of my sponsor's!  Those will be the folks that win something here.  And they will be the ones who deserve our appreciation!

Julie Campbell - Owner/Designer
O. Rae Designs

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