Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey Everyone,

THANKS so much for entering the giveaway!  However, it has been brought the my attention that I am in fact breaking the Facebook rules still... so I'm going to change what you have to do to enter the giveaway...

You only need to "like" our facebook page and the sponsor's facebook page whichever item it is that you're trying to win.  So, you don't need to leave a comment on Facebook... but so I know what you're entering to win, I do ask that you leave a comment HERE on the Blog.

Don't worry if you've already entered, you're in the running & you don't need to fix or change anything.  

But for new entries, please just leave your comment of which item(s) you would like to enter for on this blog, and like the sponsor's facebook page and O. Rae Designs facebook page.

ALSO: I am extending the giveaway through Monday at noon.  It has been drawn to my attention that Facebook gets much more attention on week days, so we'll try this and see if it works.  IT WILL NOT BE EXTENDED PAST THAT TIME!  I promise :)

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  I am new to having a blog, using Facebook to feature my store, and am even new to having a company... so I'm trying my best, and am learning as I go...

The next time I have a giveaway, it should be far less confusing for us all!

Again, I apologize and for hanging in there with me, I'll offer you 15% your next purchase with O. Rae Designs.

Julie - Owner/Designer
O. Rae Designs

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